Friday, March 31, 2017

A Beautiful Obsession

Author Linda Ballou
by Linda Ballou

In my fit forties, I was operating under the illusion that I could do anything and felt invincible. Full swing into my second childhood, I owned my horse and was conquering cross country courses. That’s right!  We were jumping over every hurdle in our path, careening around mountain trails and splashing though creeks. It was thrilling to be fulfilling all my horsey fantasies.

Then one day, while practicing our rough version of dressage, I felt a tingling in my lower back. Within days this sensation manifested itself into a crippling condition that left me crawling from the bed to the fridge on my knees. Diagnosis—garden variety herniated disc.  In the healing process, I realized that I had been pushing my 45-year old body too hard and that I would have to give up full time riding (which meant giving up my mare). This was a tough decision that changed my life.

I decided to combine the things that I love—horses, travel and writing as my path to full expression. My first published articles were all about horses. I used these credits to get travel writing gigs at guest ranches. Throughout my feisty fifties, I enjoyed fantastic outdoor adventures and established myself as an adventure travel writer.

Wai-nani: A Voice from Old Hawai'i
The changing landscape of the publishing world and the opportunities provided through the internet allowed me to bring my first novel Wai-nani: A Voice from Old Hawai’i into the world. It was like giving birth to an elephant that was ten years overdue. Now, I am in my soaring sixties and the view from this lofty vantage point is exhilarating. Bringing Wai-nani into the world forced me to
blossom on many levels. I had to come out from behind my computer to give talks and to learn how to do radio interviews.  It has been a very heady and exciting ride. Empowered by reader’s response to Wai-nani and my travel articles, I published Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales. Writing The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon was part of my healing process. It takes you inside the Grand Prix jumping circuit and into the wilds of the Eastern Sierras. At this time my mission is to get to as many beautiful places on the “Big Blue” I can before they are gone. Come to my site to enjoy travel articles and learn more about my books. Subscribe to my blog to receive my latest adventures.

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