Monday, February 13, 2017

How a Motion Picture Marketing Executive Learned to Write About Hollywood

Author Aimee Pitta
I’ve spent over twenty-five years as a motion picture marketing executive, and in the process of earning millions of dollars for other people in box office grosses, and a few Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards for myself, I’ve shanghaied the unsuspecting public into watching films that portray woman as victims, whores or stereotypical put upon wives and mothers. No longer able to live with myself one day I quit my job to write full time and to create female characters that represent women as they really are… Smart, courageous, funny and obstinate.  
Realizing of course that I’d have to keep my hand in marketing to pay my bills. As we all know a girl’s gotta eat! I set out to find my way as a writer.  I struggled a lot, had difficulty finding my voice and tried to figure out what I knew, so I could write what I know. My first step toward that was to look at my skill set and determine how it could assist me on this writer’s journey.
As a theatrical creative marketing executive, (Manchester By The Sea, Lady Macbeth, Love & Friendship, Hello My Name is Doris, It’s Complicated, to name a few) I realized that I have a keen understanding about the importance of creating characters that are not only interesting, engaging, and entertaining but are highly marketable. Trust me, I’ve worked on some clunkers that taught me if you don’t have interesting and engaging characters, then you won’t have a marketing campaign that will cut through the clutter. Working as a producer of trailers and TV spots, I’ve learned the importance of telling a succinct story and that less is more. As a copywriter who has been lucky enough to be hired to come up with titles for films who don’t have any, (The Guilt Trip, Home, The Bounty Hunter, People Like Us, Black Hat, Mirror-Mirror, Playing For Keeps, No Strings Attached) I’ve honed my skills crafting concepts and titles that resonate with an audience, gives them an understanding of what to expect from a project.
Happily Ever Before by Aimee Pitta & Melissa Peterman
Once I put together my skills and felt confident I had what it took to create a compelling story, I needed to look at my life to find that hook of writing what I know. As a one of five sisters, I have learned the importance of surrounding myself with smart, funny, strong, capable and at times unlikable women, especially when we were arguing over clothes, bathroom time and who got the car we all shared. As a woman whose parents gracefully and humorously battled my father’s MS for over 43 years I have learned about courage and grace and humility and that life can be absurd, compelling, hilarious, and heartbreaking in a matter of seconds. That, I discovered, was my value as well as my voice as a storyteller. It is what I strive for in every story I tell. And this notion of being invisible is where I found hook.
The Theory of Invisibility by Aimee Pitta
The Theory of Invisibility is an idea that has looped in and out of my consciousness for years. For me invisibility comes in many forms as each of us can go through our days without truly being seen. My father, a paraplegic for much of his life because of the crippling ravages of MS from his exposure to the radiation emanating from being stationed at the US Atomic Bomb site, was invisible to our government who to this day, has never taken responsibility for his illness and he was invisible to the outside world who couldn’t see past his wheelchair. However, this notion of being invisible did not solidify for me until I helplessly watched someone I love slowly disappear while he grieved for his beloved wife. It was from living through and observing this experience that I found an emotional window into this universal story.
I love to write. It’s been my addiction since the tender age of 10. It’s all I ever wanted to do. I strive to create strong, courageous and astoundingly real female characters because they have influenced me, inspired me, laughed with me, cried with me, carried me and walked beside me my entire life.
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