Friday, December 9, 2016

Who is Julien Ayotte?

Author Julien Ayotte
            My entire career has been one where I wrote countless articles in the corporate, legal, and academic worlds.  As a result, when I retired in 2002, turning my attention to completing a novel I had begun writing in 1987 entered my mind.  I was encouraged by my oldest daughter, a former English major at Boston College, to finish what I had started.  So in 2012, Flower of Heaven was released as my debut novel.  The international thriller has gone on to receive four national book awards and hundreds of high ranking reviews on amazon and Barnes and Noble.  This success of my best-selling novel led to the release of the sequel, Dangerous Bloodlines, in 2014.  Also a multi-award winner and highly rated book on Amazon (4.8 out of 5.0), Dangerous Bloodlines is not your ordinary sequel as many readers found to be even better than the original Flower of Heaven.  The beat goes on.  Inspired by my first two novels, I focused my attention on a totally different suspense thriller, A Life Before, which was released in late April 2016.  In a very short time, A Life Before has received twenty-one reviews, nineteen of them five-star rated.  You can’t ask for more than that.  Add to these two monster reviews from US Review of Books and Apex Reviews, and you have the makings of an exceptional novel.
Flower of Heaven by Julien Ayotte
A Life Before by Julien Ayotte
So, I guess it’s time to take a break after three novels in just over three years.  Wrong!  I’m knee deep into my fourth novel as I write this in November 2016, having completed nine chapters already.  While the first three novels focused on an affair gone wrong and an indiscretion leading to international implications years after the affair, to a corrupt contractor implicated in a brutal murder and a young coed whose nightmares aid in solving a twenty year old cold case, this new book will be about the witness protection program and its susceptibility to deception inside the US Marshals office.
Dangerous Bloodlines by Julien Ayotte
            I like to write about incidents and occurrences that few think about.  Everything I write is in longhand first.  Changes are made as I type my handwritten chapters, one chapter at a time.  I do not have a book layout, plan, or prescribed ending defined for the book I am writing.  Each chapter comes into mind spontaneously, and I have no clue what the next chapter will bring.  It merely comes out on its own.  Some days I can’t write a single word.  Other days I write fifteen or twenty pages.  I like to take about nine months to complete a draft of a book, then spend two to three months to fine tune the manuscript, prepare and complete the front and back cover, and the synopsis for the back cover.

            I have not had success yet in securing a literary agent, something that would bring another dimension to my books, but I will continue this pursuit with each new novel ready for publication.  You would think that with three successful novels, this task would be easier, but it’s not.  In the words of one of my Amazon reviewers, “I can’t believe Julien Ayotte hasn’t yet been signed up by major publishers, TV and movie producers.  Apparently he is a star yet to be discovered.  I am happy to share this secret with all who love a great read and a great story.”

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