Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Unaccountably Hopeful by Hannah Holborn

Author Hannah Holborn
Some years ago I wrote a book’s worth of short stories during downtime on the night shift in a psychiatric group home. One of my clients—let’s call him Fred—was a non-verbal insomniac with a violent history. He spent those months pacing behind my chair. It was just the two of us awake in a dark building while the other inmates slept off their tough days of mental anguish. Fred found the light from my laptop as soothing as I found his pacing.
The Solitary Bee by Hannah Holborn
To my great joy and amazement, those stories were published as a book. One reviewer called my characters “unaccountably hopeful”. It’s a phrase I like and one that applies to the characters in the novels I’ve written since. If I learnt anything from my years serving the disadvantaged it is this—no matter how horrific our life circumstances, each of us carries the inextinguishable glow of hope. I believe empathy is simply the recognition of that light in each other.
If the suspense in my books keep you up at night eagerly turning pages, I am thrilled. If the gallows humor makes you laugh out loud, great. If my characters inspire empathy, I am humbled. It is either praise or criticism when my books are described as dark, but then, the darker the surroundings, the brighter the light appears.
All That Remains by Hannah Holborn
Strange Lineup by Hannah Holborn

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