Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mosaic is our story.

Mosaic isn’t just a story about child abuse and its aftermath.
It is a story of our shared human experience.  Pain, sorrow, adversity, in whatever form they’ve affected us.  It is also, above all, a story of triumph, redemption, and healing.
Personally, writing this novel had been cathartic. It had crystallised for me just how far I’ve come.
I know pain. 
I know sadness. 
I know grief. 
Not that I knew them. I know them, present tense.
Mosaic by Angelin Sydney
When I was younger, there had been times when it felt as though I was born with pain as my twin. 
Somehow, as I matured I found courage along the way to keep going. I’ve learned to count my blessings and to overcome the adversities that have come my way.
I’d like to make it clear, however, that my life story did not include child rape which was one of the main themes of this book. What they included, however, were emotional abandonment, surviving breast cancer, divorce, the death of a child, bankruptcy, and post-traumatic stress.
All of my life experiences, both negatives and positives, have served to prepare me to write this story.
I didn’t simply want to touh the subject of child abuse from a law enforcement or an emotional perspective. I wanted to see both elements in my story.
The basis of this narrative is the fact that within every adult who had been subjected to abuse, in any form, there will always be a child crying. Not necessarily someone defeated, but crying, nevertheless.
I started on this journey focused on writing with sensitivity and care.
An early Amazon reviewer wrote in her review, “The underlying message of the story is one of hope and triumph – an obviously powerful one as well as a theme that has truly been done justice by the excellent writing style that is used to express and portray it. It is easy to incorporate these sort of themes into most books, but executing it in the manner that author Angelin Sydney is a whole other level, a much more difficult task.”
Judging from that, I have succeeded to a degree. My dream following the publication of this book remains to be that it be taken up by every school counsellor, every teacher, every student, every book club all over the world for the message it conveys.
I do not advocate revenge killing, a key element in this book. I hope readers would not focus on this. Rather that they would focus on its positive message. That is, you and I, we are not defined by what went wrong in our lives.  We are only defined by who we want to be.
The success of this book will not be measured by number of books sold, nor by the number of pages read on Kindle Unimited, nor by the number of downloads.  It will be measured by the number of lives it touches.
We are all characters in each other’s story. We are all part of a mosaic we call life. 

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