Saturday, April 23, 2016

Science Fiction & the World of Possibilities

Author Jennifer-Crystal Johnson

Of all the book genres out there, science fiction is my favorite. Not only to write, but also to read – and watch, as long as it’s done well. Sci-fi makes you think and explore the possibilities of technology and other worlds; it always has. In the past, it predicted technology we could only dream of 30-40 years ago that has become a reality now. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty amazing!

Then there’s the idea of space travel and alien life, which is also fascinating. However, this has been done a lot and I’m more interested in the possibilities of things that are unseen – things we, as humans, may not be able to perceive with our senses at this time. Things like other dimensions and the possibility of the spirit world as well as potential other worlds running parallel to our perceived dimension. It would certainly explain why some people see ghosts and spirits... and shadow people.
Shortly after my son was born (he’s six now), I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and put on fluoxetine. While I was on this medication, it seemed as though all of my dreams at night involved creatures of some sort – not monsters, per say, but strange creatures that I’d never heard of or seen before.

If You're Human Don't Open the Door
Someone asked me if I thought it was possible that my subconscious was getting a glimpse into alternate dimensions. That got me thinking... a lot! I wondered if that could really be possible, and I did use my dreams and the creatures in them as fodder for some of my short horror stories in If You’re Human Don’t Open the Door.

Fibers by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
That wasn’t the first time I used my dreams as inspiration. My imagination goes crazy with ideas, especially when I’m sleeping, so my dreams have always been a source of ideas and things to think about. The exception, it seems, is The Infiltration Trilogy (Fibers being book #1).

There are so many things we don’t know and haven’t discovered yet, and I love considering the possibilities, even if they seem outrageous at first. In Fibers, I took elements of real life and explored some of those possibilities. A mysterious and incurable disease, beings from another dimension, a secret agreement between their leaders and ours, and those afflicted with Morgellons catching glimpses of the beings from another dimension – the idea was really exciting, and now the first part of it has come to fruition through this novel.

If you love the world of possibilities, I invite you to read my new novel, Fibers =). If you’d like to know more before you make a purchase (it’s $0.99 on the Kindle until Sunday, April 24th), please sign up for my author newsletter. I’m putting the final touches on a series of 12 emails containing excerpts of the novel for your enjoyment, so if you’d like to receive those emails, please go to and enter your name and email address.

I hope you dive right in and enjoy imagining what’s possible in the amazing sci-fi genre!

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