Sunday, March 13, 2016

Meet the Author of Acclaimed Children's Series Sleepytown Beagles

Author Timothy Glass

Wow, what a journey and gift this is to be the author of the Sleepytown Beagles and to be able to tell their stories for you! I’m sure you are wondering how this all began.

A dear lady in my life, who was like a second mom, once said I had a very unique ability to understand what was going on inside a Beagle’s mind. I guess this makes me somewhat of a “Beagle Whisperer.” Maybe it is simply from being with the Beagles for years and learning their ways. As a writer, I enjoy many hours in the company of Beagles and observing their responses to different circumstances.

However, the love for Beagles is not the only premise behind the series. I looked at what is going on in our world today and realized it is becoming increasingly harder for people of all ages to go to sleep at night, especially children. When talking to parents about this issue it became very clear to me we tell our children to go to sleep. However, where is sleep? How do I get there? Sleepytown is a blueprint, a place for a child to picture in their mind to help them get there. Thus, Sleepytown was born out of a need for a peaceful, calm and secure place that children could visualize and use to drift off to sleep. I combined this visualization with the lovable characters of the Sleepytown Beagles. Additionally, each book uses humor to teach an important life lesson. 

So, as you may have guessed, the birth of the Sleepytown Beagles series comes from the heart and, of course, the Sleepytown Beagles themselves. It is my hope that you and your family will come along for each and every journey and enjoy the complete series. This is truly my gift to the world.

SleepytownBeagles, Panda meets Ms. Daisy Bloom, is a story that teaches children about patience.

SleepytownBeagles, Penny’s 4th of July, features a lesson about facing one’s fears.

Sleepytown Beagles, Oh, Brother, is a story that deals with the arrival of a new sibling in the family.

SleepytownBeagles, Differences, focuses on the differences we all have and encourages children to embrace them.

SleepytownBeagles, The Lemonade Stand, shows children how we can learn from our mistakes.

SleepytownBeagles, Jingle Beagles, is a wonderful Christmas story that shows it is better to give than receive.

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