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Meet Fantasy & Paranormal Author: Andrea Pearson

Author Andrea Pearson
Hi! My name is Andrea Pearson, and I write fantasy and paranormal romance. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to chat with you all during the promotion of my box set, TheComplete Katon University Series! It’s only $0.99 this week (regularly $7.99).

I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to talk about, so I asked my readers what they would have asked me before downloading any of my books. I hope you enjoy their questions and my answers. :-)

Q&A, as posted on StoryFinds:
Why did you choose to write fantasy and paranormal romance?
I’ve always loved stories that can transport me from reality—ones that include magic, especially the kind that seems to be just outside the reach of the protagonist. I appreciate monsters and demons that are interesting, creepy, and powerful (not dumb), and romance that makes me shiver. Though I have nothing against straight fantasy, I most love writing contemporary fantasy—also known as urban fantasy. There’s something fun about the thought that these characters could be me or the neighbor next door.

How did you become a writer and author?
My younger brother—an avid reader—complained to me once that there weren’t enough books for him to read in our local library. He was about 12 at that time, and as I’d been toying around with the idea of putting my first fantasy book, The Key of Kilenya, on paper, what he said was just enough to get me to try. And I found I loved writing! I finished the Kilenya series in about two years, then the Katon University series in the following year.

The Complete Katon University Series
How did you come up with all the different aspects of the Katon University series?
My husband introduced me to the writings of HP Lovecraft, a writer from the early 1900s. Lovecraft writes horror, though it’s very different from what most people associate with horror today. Basically, it’s psychological thrillers and modern fantasy put together. I fell in love with his stories! Many parts of this series has Lovecraftian themes throughout.

Beyond Lovecraft, I’ve always had a fascination with magic systems. A friend and I brainstormed the different elements that would come with each hair color in the Katon University world, then, when I got married, my husband helped me come up with the science fiction aspect of things—how the Aretes first were given magic, and how this brand of magic originates in the pineal gland in the brain.

As you can see, I owe my husband a lot. He’s been a huge supporter of my writing from the very beginning.

What inspired or influenced you the most in life or other ways for the different books you have written?
Writing is in my blood—several of my siblings and cousins are writers, and so was my grandpa. He wrote and published over fifty books, many ghostwritten or put out under pen names. Though he didn’t do fantasy or anything paranormal in nature—he was more of a non-fiction author—I inherited his need to constantly be writing. I love being lost in the pages of a new story, and I’ve found I’m a more patient wife and mom when I allow myself time to write regularly.

What do you have coming up next?
I’d originally planned to move on to a different series, but I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to the characters from my Katon University series. So . . . I’m continuing writing stories with these characters. :-) My next book, Conceal, will come out toward the beginning of summer. Like the Katon University series, it’ll be fantasy with a paranormal romance slant. :-)

Many thanks for stopping by the StoryFinds blog! And feel free to check out my box set. :-)

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