Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Author Inspired by the Perceived Word Disabled

Author Kenny S Rich

The story of The One-Eyed King (TOEK) unfolds through an epic, action-packed adventure of ‘Mind over Matter.’ It is a truly fascinating tale of how we can bring truth to impossibility once we learn to not rely on our eyes for vision, but on our minds instead. The stakes are high as two worlds collide and our young protagonist is caught in the middle, with the fate of both worlds in his unsuspecting hands. TOEK is ultimately a multifaceted tale about the human dichotomy—the notion that we are equally capable of both good and evil, and whichever we ultimately evolve into embodying, depends on which of the two inner wolves we choose to feed.
Finally, Iori’s powers are not rooted in magic, but rather in Mind over Matter. That is, the mystic abilities exhibited by my protagonist and fellow gifted blind characters he encounters along his journey, are not necessarily supernatural, albeit superhuman. This is because they represent what is possible when human beings stop relying on our eyes for vision, guidance, functioning, and judgment, but on our minds instead, our ‘Mind’s Eye’ if you will.
The One-Eyed King 
What makes the novel, The One-Eyed King uniquely compelling, is the complexity and the peculiarity of its protagonist, Iori, who is as cursed as he is gifted. After all, he is a blind orphan boy with no iris in one eye, and this uncanny physical trait, coupled with his inexplicable powerful mystic abilities, results in him being much maligned in his early life. He also learns the hard way, that there is a prophecy which proclaims he is the one who will bring about Armageddon to the world. Moreover, while he is fascinating and awe inspiring to the characters that surround him, in TOEK, the protagonist is not necessarily a hero. If anything, Iori finds himself a reluctant villain, torn between two equally complex worlds he belongs to, the Land of the Blind and the World of the Seeing Man he is supposed to end.
The One-Eyed King has been quite a thrilling experience for me. It was inspired by one classic sentence. I recalled the words, "In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king." This simple quote set me on a mental journey where I wondered about blindness: How do blind people see? What does it mean to be blind? So I decided to explore the meaning of sight versus vision through the lens of the blind.
The inspiration for this story comes from my imagination of a world where what we perceive as a 'disability' in others is, on the contrary, an enhanced ability—an enabler or a power, if you will. The blind characters in this book believe in such a philosophy that, "The eyes can see what lies before them, but the mind can see what lies beyond." It's all about mind over matter.
I hope readers will come to enjoy reading this unique novel as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Also, lookout for books 2 and 3 in this planned trilogy, coming soon.

—May your Mind’s Eye always see you through—

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