Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Resourceful Heroine

Author Chris Karlsen
by Chris Karlsen

When conversation turns toward strong women in books and other forms of entertainment, there seems to be a split. One group is made up of those ladies whose strength comes from power through political or financial influence and those who are deemed in the media as “kick ass” heroines. Recently, the more popular of the two has been the kick ass variety. They would be the Lara Crofts or Ilsa Faust the ally of Ethan Hunt in the latest IMF movie Rogue Nation. Both groups have made for interesting characters.

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I find there’s a third group and that’s the heroine I like to write. She’s what I call the resourceful heroine. She’s not wealthy nor does she have political power to wield. She’s not a master of any form of martial arts or top drawer shooter who could challenge the best sniper. She’s not even much in the way of a MacGyver. In a lot of ways, my heroines are like me. If you put me in a room and Flexcuff me to a chair with just a Swiss Army knife and come back in two hours, in two hours I’ll still be cuffed to the chair. I’ll not have MacGyver’d my way out of those cuffs.

What I try to have my heroines do is use the skillsets they have. I like to take ordinary women and put them in extraordinary circumstances and make them shine. I make them strong through their resourcefulness.

Electra and Emily Crippen, the two sisters from In Time For You, my latest historical romance, are torn through time and suddenly find themselves in medieval England. They recognize early on they need to adapt to the medieval world they’ve been thrown in and figure a way to contribute. This period in history was not a good time for women. The sisters are in a dangerous situation and cannot afford to put a foot wrong. Without giving away spoilers, I’ll just say I had them to use their skills, their common sense and their intellect.

With them it’s my way of saying that strength comes in many forms. I never wanted the sisters to give up. They had moments where they got close. They shed some tears once in a while, not often because I don’t like weepy heroines, but when push came to shove, they held kept it together. I hope the readers like that about them as much as I enjoyed giving them that gumption.

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  1. Good morning. I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and great weekend. I want to thank Story Finds for this opportunity to showcase my new book, In Time For You.

  2. Fun post, Chris! I am a lover of the kick@$$ variety of heroine, but absolutely love Emily and Electra. They are most definitely strong heroines. I can't imagine trying to get along in medieval times...

  3. I good with all three types, do what it takes to survive: buy your way out, kick butt, or use your wits, just don't sit and twiddle your thumbs and hope for the best. Do something!!