Thursday, November 26, 2015

Writing a Dark Hero

Author D.B. Reynolds
by D. B. Reynolds

I liked complicated men. They tend to be a lot more high maintenance, but they’re also a lot more intense, which means life with them is more passionate. And I like that. When it comes to writing my heroes, of course, I tend to go with what I like in real life, which means my vampires are dark and complicated, they’re heroic but also brutal and bloodthirsty.

Rajmund by D.B. Reynolds
But how to make my vampire heroes unapologetically vampire, and at the same time appealing to readers? First, I gave each of them the qualities of all great heroes. They’re loyal, courageous, smart and charming. And they’re devastatingly handsome, because this is romance fiction, after all. They’re also completely devoted to their lover and mate, unyielding in her defense, and viciously possessive when it comes to her affections. And, yes, they can be violent … but they’re not bullies. Their violence is in response to betrayal by someone they trusted, or in defense of their territories or the vampires they’re sworn to defend. And especially when someone dares to threaten the woman they love. Who doesn’t want a lover who will defend them to the death, a lover who will crawl over the bodies of his enemies to get to the woman he loves?

Of course, because they’re vampires, they have to drink blood. My vampires embrace what they are, and revel in the taste of blood fresh from the vein, but they don’t roam the streets, killing at random, they have clubs and parties where willing donors line up to donate blood from the vein, in exchange for the sexual high of having a vamp tap in. They’re adamantly territorial, but they deal with that by having a rigid political structure which deals with their more violent urges and generally maintains the peace. They’re unapologetically vampire, but they’re smart enough to take advantage of modern society instead of fighting against it. And when it comes to vampire affairs, they don’t give a damn what humans think.  

Sophia by D.B. Reynolds
In the final analysis, my vampire lords are the ultimate dark heroes. They’re powerful, rebellious and beautiful. And the love of a good woman brings out the best in them.

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  1. I love ALL the "boys". Their love, the fierceness, passion.

  2. I love ALL the "boys". Their love, the fierceness, passion.