Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why Write Vampires?

Author D.B. Reynolds
by D. B. Reynolds

Why vampires?  I get asked that question a lot – mostly by people who have no idea how wonderful vampires are.  Over the years I’ve read so, so many vampire books, and I’ve probably seen every vampire movie out there, some good, some … well not so good.

When I was in high school and into my twenties, I was totally into science fiction and fantasy books. And then I read Anne Rice’s Interview With a Vampire. Vampires were no longer these hunched over Victorian monsters with buck teeth and no hair who somehow seduced willowy young maidens in their beds. They were sexy and sultry, and irresistibly seductive, and they’d lived among us for hundreds of years.

Rice’s vampires hooked me and I never wanted to break free. I fell in love with Frank Langella’s 1979 Dracula—gorgeous and sophisticated, smooth and sexy. And I loved the evolution to Wesley Snipes’ warrior vamp, with muscles and fangs and a take no prisoners attitude.  Not to mention the third Blade movie, which was, um, not that good.  But it did feature a shirtless Ryan Reynolds, which is always a good thing.  That scene when the half-naked Reynolds is chained to the floor, flexing those gorgeous muscles … well, it still takes my breath away.

But the real evolution of vampires has been in books. I love what Charlaine Harris, Susan Sizemore, Kresley Cole, J. R.Ward and Lynn Viehl have done with the vampire genre.  And I especially love the urban fantasy that’s been spun lately, featuring vampires in a whole new light, like Adrian Phoenix’s fantastic Maker’s Song series with the delicious and oh so damaged Dante Baptiste, and Ilona Andrews’ very different take on vampires and the “People” who pilot them.

Deception: Vampires in America by D.B. Reynolds
And then there’s my own beautiful vampires. I gave them all the seductiveness and beauty I admire, but I still wanted them to be vampires.  Every author makes her own choices, but I’ve been dismayed by the trend toward vampires who are just sensitive guys who happen to drink blood.  I wanted my vampires to be combative and territorial and vicious.  Yes, I wanted them beautiful.  But I wanted them to be unapologetically vampire, not long-suffering martyrs searching for a tender-hearted woman to heal them.

So my vampires are gorgeous and seductive, but they’re also ruthless and possessive. Merciless to those who betray them. And when they love, they do it with a fierce passion. Threaten their mates, and there is no end to the pain they will inflict upon you before you die.  Not that my heroines need much protecting. They can generally kick butt right alongside their vampire lovers!

So, why do I write vampires?  Because I love them.  Because they’re the ultimate bad boys (and girls) and the possibilities are endless.

Vincent by D.B. Reynolds
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  1. Love, love, love D.B. Reynolds vampires.

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  3. I can not get enough of D.B. Reynolds' vampires.

  4. Christian landed on my kindle and I'm already - as usual - hooked! What strikes me the most is how each of DB's vamps are unique individuals. Never the same vamp with a new name. That's talent! A fabulous series.

  5. Love, love your vampires so much! And they are so much more gorgeous and beautiful than Anne Rice's vampires.
    I'm anxious to read CHRISTIAN.