Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monsters in the workplace

No, this isn’t a book about vampires or a Harry Potter version of ‘The Office’.

It’s about the monstrosities that happen in the place where you spend most of your life time. 
Of course, ‘Graveyards of the Banks’ is not about any old workplace.  It’s about ‘The Most Successful Bank in the Universe’, and American bank in the city of London, a place so secret that there is no name on its wall, and the staff entrance leads through a mediaeval graveyard.

Graveyards of the Banks by Nyla Nox
But the real monsters are inside, and they are just as alive as you and me.

Particularly me.

The story of ‘Monsters Arising’ has at its core the culture of extreme bullying inside this Bank, and what it does to the people who work there, all through the night, in the graphics center, illustrating the 

Bank’s vision.

Most of them are jobless humanities graduates like Nyla (my namesake in the book), whose dreams are already broken and who are afraid of losing this job, the only opportunity to pay off their debts and survive another week in the big city.

So they are both vulnerable to being intimidated and humiliated, and very reluctant to stand up and do anything about it.


It’s a fight between survival of the body and integrity of the soul.  But the body has to live or nothing lives.

This story is set in an office environment but it is as dramatic and emotional as any family drama. 

Everyone is fighting.  Everyone is desperate.  Everyone is out for themselves.

Yes, there are nice moments.

Graveyard of the Banks: Monsters Arising
Nyla tries to make it with love interest Peter, who managed to find a job in a Better Place but had to come back, a terrible defeat which undermines both his career prospects and his ability to connect.

But the nightly bullying is relentless. 

Anyone who has ever been in a situation like this knows exactly what I am talking about.

People are paralysed with terror, both rational and irrational.

Nobody speaks out.

There are no heroes.

But what if someone would, either by accident or because they can no longer endure the silence, blow the whistle on the bullies?

How would that happen?

And what fresh hell would that person fall into, not knowing what has happened to their complaint, not knowing if the bullies have found out and want to revenge themselves, and, again, being treated like the dirt underneath the management’s shoes?

If you want a scary but very suspenseful ride through a world that is still largely unknown and completely misrepresented in literature, open the pages of ‘Monsters Arising’ and start reading, if you dare.

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