Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Like Halloween? Try the Pagan version (Samhain)

Author Jacky Gray
by Jacky Gray

I must confess to being a tad rushed trying to get this finished in time for the release date, but given that ceremonies on October 31st are featured three times during the book, the date was a no-brainer. Don’t know if it’s something to do with being born in October, but this time of year has always been very special for me.

It’s been quite a journey (and a huge learning curve) to get to this point.  While taking a well-earned year off from teaching math (or trying to!), I wrote five books about a bunch of characters who live in an alternate England (or more specifically Wessex), set in modern day but with a medieval twist. It’s taken five years to get to the point where the first five are all available – the sixth book has been written, but won’t be released until after the seventh is completed because the two are heavily entangled (think Game of Thrones entwined) and stuff may happen in the seventh which needs a little signposting (or tweaking) in the sixth book. All in all it’s been a heck of a journey, fraught with adventure as I’ve roamed the land meeting pagans, faeries, Vikings, pirates and honest-to-goodness knights in shining armour. *Knees go weak at the memory* Yep, it’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it.

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The fifth book, Geraint,  sees a fourth protagonist, the son of a Renegate leader, failing miserably to live up to his father’s expectations and gruelling combat training. But with the help of some powerful magic (of the believe in yourself variety), he thwarts a vicious bully, Manfrid, to win the Herfest trial. His reward is a stay in Oxford, where he meets Siany, who brings joy and light into his life as she teaches him how to read, write and open his heart to love. Their special bond awakens powerful magic in both of them, until Manfrid’s ambush severs their connection. The universe has other ideas, bringing them together as he buries his faithful dog.

This special bond saves Siany’s family from a band of cut-throat highwaymen, and it proves useful to the people of Oxford when they are besieged by the same band. The real trouble comes when the leader decides to take his revenge.

I’m made up by the comments so far:

“Each of the Hengist books is an adventure, and I’ve fallen in love with every character.”

“I love books about guys who have a rough early life, but then turn it around and are so sweet and protective despite/because of what they've been through; Geraint fits this to a T.”

“If you love wild pigs, affectionate dogs, old crones and invisible children, you'll love Geraint.”

Released on 30th October, Geraint is available at only 99cents/99p until November 1st. Read more about it here.

Jacky Gray is proud to be a member of the World Wise Writers.

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