Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Trio of Naughty Shorts

Author Rowanna Green
by Rowanna Green

Raise your hand if you have written a short story. Keep it up if it’s a tad on the naughty side. And now keep it raised if you have a folder (or drawer or even, for those who remember them, a floppy disk) full of short stories you wrote several years/decades ago. Anyone still with their hand up is most likely female, a certain age and most definitely a writer. *waves in recognition*

On the way to writing my first novel, I wrote dozens of the things – mostly naughty little fantasies. What can I tell you? With full time jobs and three kids under five, we were generally too tired to do much more than dream about all those nights we spent practising the art of baby-making. One thing the stories all had in common was a twist in the tale – usually quite dark and frequently involving the heroine being rescued by a knight in shining armour. Metaphorically speaking.

So when I did write that first full length story, I’d honed some of the skills and the resulting tale, Fox Among Wolves, has all the aforementioned elements.

A couple of adult books (and a couple of teen series) later, I unearthed some of those slightly longer shorts, edited out all the rookie mistakes (with the help of the lovely ladies from the World Wise Writers) and published an anthology called Triple Jeopardy.
Triple Jeopardy by Rowanna Green

One Amazon reviewer said, “Although each story is separate and has its own characters (and decade) there is a similar theme to all of them - relationships gone horribly wrong. I wish there were two more stories to bring it to this decade. It is definitely a theme that has teeth.”  So now I’m seriously thinking about writing a story, based on a true incident in the naughties (the delightful, post-Millenium decade). The working title is “An Englishwoman in New York” and I thoroughly intend to have some fun with all the cross-pond translations which seem to be plaguing me at the moment. This is getting to be a bit of a motif, so, just for fun, if you have a particular UK word that foxed you when you read/heard it being used differently to your understanding, write to me at Your name could be included as one of the characters in that new story which will be out next year.

So, just ahead of Thanksgiving, Triple Jeopardy is FREE on 19th-20th November.  Download your copy and see if you agree with the reviewers who said “A well-written, humorous and insightful work about contemporary life in the United Kingdom” and “Each story is a fun and engrossing read, but you will also walk away from the tales thinking about the important issues the author has raised.” Just be warned: It does get very naughty.

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