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Author Almondie Shampine

Youth is not an age; it is a feeling. It took me until I was 31 years old, after 14 years professionally writing, to begin feeling that adult restlessness of the mundane. I didn’t just act old – I felt it, and it began to sabotage my writing. The adventures and experiences I’d had in my youth, I felt, I could no longer get away with as an adult.

One night my son wanted to watch Hunger Games for our fun night. I became so inspired that I sat cross-legged, too-close-to-the-TV, nearly pulling an overnighter in watching these YA movies. I went to the library and literally had a 6-month YA reading binge, and refused to watch any movies other than young adult. 

First Book Signing
Blind Fate 
Over a year’s time, I sat down and wrote my favorite series ever, the 6-book Modules series that begins with The Reform – a young-adult dystopian action/adventure with a lot of unruly behavior and humor – and I absolutely fell in love with Catina Salsbury, whose prodigy intelligence equals her stubbornness to simply do as she’s told, as The Modules fosters growing kids at a much faster developmental and educational rate in their attempts at creating a new era of Intelligent Design, currently the first 3 titles in the series that have been published. As I read the books to my children, Catina infiltrated our home, carried into my kids’ schools, and numerous YA and adult homes, hitting number 1 in 2 categories in July. I began having adventures just to have adventures, making moments just to have life-long memories, and experiencing the world again through the excited eyes of youth, versus the tired eyes of adulthood. My best reviews and fan mail for my young-adult books have come from … adults? It is so very inspiring to me to know that my books are not only encouraging youth in our young-adults, but regenerating youth in our adults.

This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing for adults. The Modules series provoked inspiration that led me to publishing 5 books in 5 months – other adult titles that include Glimp$es, a psychological thriller, and Blind Fate, a killer thriller, and now another one of my prized-novels, Otherland, written for adults, but PG-13 enough for young adults is up in line to hopefully be published next.

I’m happy to announce that The Reform and Glimp$es are currently FREE from 10/11/15 through 10/12/15 at

Otherland is enrolled in the KindleScout competition. You can nominate this book through 10/20/15 for it to be my next published book and get Otherland for free, as well. My website features promotions, giveaways, and contests, and additional social media sites that provide free-reading inspirations. Being an adult is difficult enough, but when you combine feelings of youth, you’ve got the energy and the heart to believe that anything is possible, and go after it.

Almondie Shampine

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