Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Making of a Box-Set

Author Stacy Eaton

Over the last year, boxsets or anthologies have become the rage in ebooks. Many authors have jumped on the band wagon and found sets to join, but many do not know what it takes to put one together.

A leader is normally chosen when the set is started. This person oversees all aspects of the set. Authors are then chosen and vetted to be part of the group based on their writing and their content. Many boxsets are specialized content, for example Paranormal Obsessions is all about the paranormal world. Or maybe it’s a box set of holiday stories. All the books need to tie-in to one central theme.

Paranormal Obsessions Box Set
Decisions are made as to when the sets will be published, usually six months to a year ahead of time. Authors finish up their stories; get the individual covers completed and their stories edited. During that time, we are discussing set titles, researching them and trying to figure out something that fits the entire set. Designing the cover comes next, which can be time consuming when you have the opinions of 9-16 people.

Another big decision is who is going to publish the box set. This might not sound so hard, but you have to take into consideration that there are taxes and payment’s involved. Plus many of the sets contain international authors which adds a whole different aspect to payment.

About two months before the set is due to release, things slowly start to pump up. There are huge discussions on what marketing to use, and how everyone is going to split up the jobs that need to be completed. Teasers are done – parties are booked, ads are paid for, and the excitement builds. We also at that time work on obtaining ARC reviews for the set.

When it gets time to release, the work is far from being done. Most authors know you can’t just publish a book and walk away. The moment the book is live – that’s when the real work begins.  Marketing is one of the hardest and most time consuming things that authors have to deal with. The constant need to put the set out in front of people is never ending, but the rewards can be great.

One of the best outcomes from any boxset is that generally you are put in front of readers who have never heard of you, and once they read your story, they enjoy it enough to find out about your other books.  So in a way, boxsets are a cross promotion for the authors other books.

One thing is for sure, producing any boxset requires, time, patience and a whole lot of team work. 

Without a group of authors who are able to make decisions with one another and stay on top of things the set would go nowhere.

During Paranormal Obsessions, I was the leader of the set, and it was my pleasure to work with the other eight authors that make up the set.

Sincerely – Stacy Eaton

Stacy can be reached through her Website and on Twitter

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