Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I'm a Author - Hear Me Roar!

Susan and Rick at a friend's wedding
“I am Susan Lee Carlton, and I am an author. I love saying that! I have been an avid reader all of my life. I read from three to five books a week. By the time I finished high school, I had read every piece of fiction in the school library. We have about four hundred books in a bedroom we’ve converted into a make-shift library.

My sister found a Bible in Mom’s atttic that had belonged to my great-great-great grandmother. She had faithfully recorded births, deaths, and marriages of her family. It turned me into a genealogy and a history buff. For two years, my husband and I went to the Will Clayton Genealogy Library in downtown Houston. On one visit, we found a family history of the Lanier family by Louise Ingersoll that traced the family back to Canterbury in the fifteens. We found a paperback copy, with Mary Ann Lanier, my great great great grandmother was on page 181. Her husband was one of four brothers that died in the Civil War. I used her background in York County, SC for several of my books.
Alone and Expecting by Susan Leigh Carlton

I began writing in August of 2012 as a means of supplementing our income after some devastating medical problems. I had mediocre results until I started writing western historical romance and had my first hit with Jedadiah’s Mail Order Bride in January 2014. It stayed on top of the Amazon charts as number one for three weeks. From that time until the present, I have written only western romance. My favorite time period is 1850-1900.

One of my favorite things is researching a book. I try to make it completely accurate, even to studying street maps old Wyoming and Montana towns. If a character went to the hospital, I made sure there was a hospital at the time. Of all my books, my favorite is “The Doctor Was A Bride” the story of Doctor forced to operate on her childhood sweetheart. I have reread it quite a few times and it brings tears to my eyes each time.

I communicate with many of my readers via email, and receive quite a few each week. I make it a practice to answer them all personally. I feel as if I have a personal connection with my readers as well as with the characters in my books. They talk to me and I listen. I take bad reviews to heart and try to remedy any problems identified.

I am working on a sequel to Alone and Expecting, and having some trouble to create a scenario where Tom Cannon causes a life-changing situation for Whit Goodson and his wife Cindy.
A Soldier's Widow: PT2 by Susan Leigh Carlton

At 81 our nest is empty and our kids and grandkids are scattered from Dallas to Boston, including Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina. Travel has become very difficult due to arthritic backs. Our last trip was to Hinesville, Georgia for a memorial to our daughter, who passed away one week before her fifty-first birthday.
My bucket list includes one last trip to York County. I intend to keep writing as long as the good Lord gives me the ability.

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