Monday, August 24, 2015

Young Adult Author Talks About a Crowd's Reaction to his Stories

With the release of the YA, action, mystery novel, Mind Over Bullies set to release in August, I wanted to take a moment to introduce the next project.

Think ‘Back to the Future’ mixed with a little bit of ‘Inception.’ The result is a work that I am extremely excited about. I’ve chosen to title this book ‘Actuality.’ It’s one of those mind benders that gets you thinking. One of the reviewers said she found herself researching some of the theories in the story to see if they were real. As a writer there could be no higher praise. I pride myself on arousing the minds of readers, and from the preliminary feedback Actuality is just that type of read.

If you’ve had a chance to read any of my recent interviews then you know that I love crowd reaction, and in this case I love to hear what people think about a story as they get into it. For me it’s like hearing movie reviews after a premier. To be honest, the reaction of the public is why I write. Some people will say they do it for the love of storytelling; others will be extremely honest and say they do it for the money. I do love to write for the sheer love of storytelling, and of course, who doesn’t wanna make a buck or two from their works, but for me it’s like the old joke about a tree falling in the forest. If you write a book and no one reacts to it, did it really happen?

Look for the release of Actuality in late December 2015 or January 2016. Below is the back cover synopsis. 

I would love to hear what your thoughts are just based on the synopsis alone. Feel free to drop me a line by contacting my publishers at

Bye for now.

_________________________________________________________________________________ Actuality – Synopsis

Science reasons that during REM sleep the mind disconnects from sensory input provided from the world around it. Professor Victor Melburn has worked for years to disprove that notion. His argument is that the mind of a sleeping person, and thus the person themselves, can connect to and even interact with the world around them… through memories.

What if the professor is correct? If a sleeping person consciously interacts with the world around them, are they really asleep? If the connection and interaction is made through memories, would the person be interacting with the past or the present? 

The chance for the research to finally reach new heights is within reach, but the window of opportunity is rapidly fading. With an assembled team of student researchers professor Melburn makes one last push to accomplish his goal.

All of the theories are prematurely tested by the deep seated desires of one student researcher. The results far surpass all expectations… for better and for worse.


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