Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let there be dragons!

Author Marc Secchia

So I threw my main character off a cliff. That’s where it started.
Chained to a rock, tossed off a cliff–what if she did not die?
What if she could spread her wings, and fly?
What could be more fun than throwing your heroine off a 5-mile cliff to her death? That germ of an idea has so far spawned three allied series, and five Amazon bestselling dragon fantasy stories, in the course of the last year.
This is the world of Hualiama Dragonfriend.
Imagine an impact crater surrounded by mountains twenty-five leagues high. A never-ending layer of toxic Cloudlands covers the crater-floor. Islands, miles tall, rise sheer from the depths, ruled by the draconic overlords. Humans live by sufferance. In this world, love between a human and a dragon does not exist. It is anathema.
Enter Hualiama, a young woman secretly raised in the roost of the dragon elder Sapphurion. A woman with an uncommon heritage, and knack of breaking taboos. When Hualiama Dragonfriend and Grandion the Tourmaline Dragon exchange oaths, the stage is set for an outrageous, unthinkable romance which will change the course of history.
When a woman loves a dragon, that love will change the world.
In case you missed it, I love writing about dragons!
If there are dragons, they need to be majestic, intelligent and fully-formed characters in their own right. Hualiama’s Island-World teems with dragons–the ancient dragons which shaped the Islands and created humans to be their slaves, land dragons beneath the Cloudlands which grow up to several miles in length and gnaw on islands for fun, dragonets or miniature dragons, and various species and subspecies of lesser dragons, which still grow up to 150 feet long.
As Razzior, an orange dragon, would put it: “Run.” The dragon made a shooing motion with his forepaw. “Go on. It’s more amusing for me.” Not a good dragon, then!
Herewith, a brief explorer’s guide to the dragon tales set in this Island-World:
Dragonfriend and Dragonlove are the first two volumes in my Dragonfriend trilogy, which will conclude with Dragonsoul, coming in 2016. These are clean fantasy romance tales, full of humour, adventure and dragon lore.
The Pygmy Dragon is the first volume in my Shapeshifter Dragon Legends series, set a few hundred years after the events of Dragonfriend. Tiny dragon, massive adventure. A pygmy girl features as the heroine of this inspiring tale, which will conclude with The Onyx Dragon, coming soon.
Shadow Dragon
Aranya and Shadow Dragon are the first two volumes in the Shapeshifter Dragons series. Dragons, battles and romance as two friends take on an evil empire in this epic coming-of-age tale. There’s a strong tie-in with the Pygmy Dragon series and I highly recommend reading The Pygmy Dragon before reading Shadow Dragon, and both parts of the Shapeshifter Dragon Legends series before the third volume of Aranya’s adventures.
The Pygmy Dragon
Thank you for your interest in my writing!

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