Friday, July 31, 2015

Readers Meet Action Writer James M Corkill

Author James M Corkill
by James M. Corkill

Although I did a little writing during my early years in high school, I never aspired to be an author until twenty-five years later, while I was a Federal Firefighter. I was always reading in my spare time and thought some of the stories were awful. During one of the oil crises in the late 1980’s, a friend asked a general question; what would happen if suddenly we didn’t have any more fuel? I began writing down some of the issues that might arise if it actually happened, and it was the beginning of my first novel, Dead Energy. Once I began, I couldn’t stop, and I was fortunate to meet a famous horror writer named Hugh B. Cave, who lived on the island and became my mentor. After Hugh passed away, I borrowed his last name for Alex as a tribute to his memory.
Cold Energy by James M Corkill
Back then, I didn’t have a computer, and I was a terrible typist. The constant rewrites nearly caused me to give up on the story. One day, a box arrived, and inside was a used computer, and a note from one of my brothers telling me that now I had no excuse to stop writing. It took me nearly three years to finish Dead Energy, and I self-published a few dozen copies with limited success, but then stuck the disk copy in a closet for a few years while I tried to think of something else to write about. I tried to write in a different genre, but nothing seemed to work.
After my second wife was taken by cancer, I stopped writing and began drinking, until four years ago when someone I had never met recognized my name and asked if I was going to write another story for Alex Cave. I was shocked that someone had enjoyed my story enough to remember my name, and after we talked for a while, I realized this chance meeting was what I needed to hear at the right moment, and I quit drinking and began the rewrite of Dead Energy into The Alex Cave Series.
In Cold Energy, you’ll meet Alex’s best friend, Okana. That’s his last name, by the way, and he won’t tell anyone his first name. He prefers it to be pronounced, O’Kaw-nuh, like O’Conner without the R’s. He’s become my favorite character, and perhaps even my alter ego. He will be with Alex throughout all their new adventures, along with many of Alex’s familiar friends, and some really bad people.
The Alex Cave Series Box Set
Book 4, Gravity, is in final editing, and I’ll release it on 3 October this year. In the meantime, I’ve started working on a new problem with dire consequences, and once again, Alex will get involved in a desperate situation where only with help from his friends can he save humanity from destruction.

I hope you enjoy my stories, and don’t hesitate to connect with me through my website, if you have any questions or ideas for Alex and me.

Best wishes, James.

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