Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Highlighting Great Canadian Authors to Celebrate Canada Day

by Renee Field, Founder, StoryFinds

It’s Canada Day and I thought I’d highlight some great of my favorite Canadian Authors. When I was in high school we were forced to read The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence. I say forced because not everyone in my class at the time was thrilled. Well, I fell in love with Laurence and went on to read probably most of her other books and short stories and then I discovered other Canadian authors like Margaret Atwood who provoked the Canadian public with her book The Handmaid’s Tale and Alice Munro who wrote Friend of My Youth which will make you cry. 

I moved to Montreal for a time to study and had the pleasure of taking a Creative Poetry Course with the late Irving Layton who also introduced me to Mordecai Richler and when I later moved to Toronto I fell in love with Michael Ondaatje who wrote The English Patient and my favorite In the Skin of a Lion and then I went on to read The Dispossessed: Life and Death in Native Canada by Geoffrey York. This book truly opened by eyes to how Canadians treated our own natives and I’d love to see this book become a reading staple in all Canadian high schools.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to read Thomas King’s novel The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America which made me laugh and want to cry. My daughter is currently reading Lucy Maude Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series and I will admit it might not hold her attention. She keeps expecting a fairy to pop up but I’ve told her it’s a fun chance to read about how life was on Prince Edward Island and sorry there aren’t any fairies.

Well beside the quite famous Canadian authors I’ve recently read a lovely romance novel called A Sinful Temptation by Atlantic Canadian author Kelly Boyce and plan to read the rest of the series now. Then I fell in love with edgy New Adult Romance by Sara Hubbard who wrote Beautiful and Broken and I dare any reader to not cry when reading the very successful Color of Heaven series by Atlantic Canadian author Julianne MacLean. I’ve read all of MacLean’s sexy highlander books and honestly couldn’t believe when I read The Color of Heaven how vastly different her writing was and how much I loved both of these series. I would be remiss in not mentioning my fellow writing friend Cathryn Fox. I’m a huge fan of all of her sexy reads and usually read them twice but recently enjoyed His Strings to Pull.

I would love to know what other Canadian books readers can recommend. I’m always looking to add more to my reading pile. 

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