Thursday, June 18, 2015

Courthouse Connections by Ann Jacobs

Ann Jacobs
by Ann Jacobs

A little suspense, a lot of active hormones, irresistible attractions between men and women charged with seeing justice served, set on Florida’s steamy west-central coast, Courthouse Connections brings emotional stories of desire, conflict and commitment.

The series began back in 2001, when I wrote two stories targeted to Silhouette’s now extinct Intimate Moments imprint. These stories didn’t sell, although one was still under consideration nearly two years later when I withdrew it to sell to Ellora’s Cave Publishing, then the upcoming producer of digital, sizzling-hot romances.

Loving the characters and the light mix of legal/police action with hot sex and various conflicts, I kept on writing new stories in the series, then called Lawyers in Love. All told, there were six novels and novellas, ranging from mildly erotic to downright kinky, hardcore BDSM.

The Defenders by Ann Jacobs
More Than Lust by Ann Jacobs
Then I got the rights back, after eleven years of pretty good sales and a lot of happy memories from readers who fell in love with my stories about one man, one woman enjoying each other sexually while falling into a happily-ever-after love. Because I had planned a spinoff series (one book is still available at EC, the others are on my bucket list of stories yet to be written, I decided to introduce Courthouse Connections, a new series, this one mainstream rather than erotic.

A new single title introduction, for readers who wanted to know how Andi and Gray had met and established a connection that lasted through eight long years’ separation only to rekindle with a vengeance in BITTERSWEET HOMECOMING, came to be in the all-original introductory novella, MORE THAN LUST. IN HIS OWN DEFENSE and BITTERSWEET HOMECOMING, heavily revised from the original versions, are available in THE DEFENDERS, a boxed set on exclusive at Amazon.

The Prosecutors by Ann Jacobs
THE PROSECUTORS, the second boxed set, is coming soon. It will contain GETTIN’ IT ON, EYE OF THE STORM, and LOVE GAMES. Originally “Mastered,” LOVE GAMES is a complete rewrite of Sandy and Rocky’s story, minus the heavy kink and plus a real story that gives the readers a picture of who they are and what they do when not in bed.

All of the former EC stories have been revised to enhance the books themselves as well as sanitize what, on re-reading, I consider excessive and unnecessary foul language. I hope you’ll enjoy them and keep an eye out for new stories that continue the Courthouse Connections with new heroes and heroines, new story lines—and the sort of sensuous, mainstream romance that warms the heart as well as the hormones. 

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