Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Writing Dystopian Fiction

Author Kate Wrath
by Kate Wrath

Writing dystopian fiction is like laying the soul of humanity bare. Opening it, exposing it, extracting its essence. Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated by the potential of a dystopian world. The elements may be foreign and fantastic, but at its heart, it’s all about the people.

Characters. I love characters. Not the stereotypes, not the shells, but the down-deep, hidden-motivation, make-me-cry-when-I-suddenly-understand-you characters that live beneath the simple, visual surface. Characters that make me change my mind. That make me grow. Characters whose burdens I share, whose laughter sends shivers of joy through my ribcage, and whose thoughts make me ponder, ponder, ponder long after the final page has been turned.

I’m obsessed. You can probably tell. I’m calling it a good thing.
Out of all the many, many elements that go into a good book, I truly believe that the characters are the most important. They’re the single point of contact that bridges the gap between all the genres out there. The human experience. We can all relate to that. So, obviously, I strive to bring these kinds of amazing characters into all of my writing. And yeah, my dystopian world is a perfect place to test their metal and see what they’re really made of.

In my books, you will find characters struggling for survival, running for their lives, and responding to one crisis after another. But it’s not all about the killer robots, evil overlords, and guys with guns (though I have gotten a lot of reader love for my evil overlords in particular, because hey, evil overlords are fun). Violence, despair, and hopelessness tend to be intrinsic to dystopian worlds, and many a dystopian character has been sent scrambling to survive. These ordeals can reveal the utmost depths of a personality-- with all its flaws and all its glory. They can shine a light into the black waters and allow us to see another world entirely. It’s our world. It’s us. We are written in the pages of the story. Your life, my life-- lines of ink sinking into the paper. I invite you to gaze into my dark reflection and see what you find. With any luck, it will be something worth keeping.

Evolution by Kate Wrath
E by Kate Wrath
E is one girl’s story of survival after she is dropped into an urban wasteland where every moment is a tooth-and-nail fight to stay alive.

Evolution carries on the adventure, taking us outside the boundaries on a dangerous quest to change the world.

Eden by Kate Wrath
In Eden, (release date June 13, 2015) the tale continues, as our characters must face tough decisions that will reveal their true selves.

Jason and Lily, the prequel, (release date July 23rd, 2015) is at its heart, a story of love, friendship, and hope.

Praise for E:
“I loved Eden.  She was everything I like in a main character.” -Robin from Where Books Lead Us

“The power and the beauty of the dark, poetic language won me over, reminding me of some of my favorite poets.” - Anka from Reviews With A Twist

“The characters were the story. I was reading it for them. They were captivating, funny and really lovable.” - Laquesha from We’re All Bookish Here

“With compelling characters, an intricate plot, and excellent pacing, Kate has managed to weave a story that leaves you willingly trapped in its clutches.” - Jerome from Light Knocks

You can connect with Kate Wrath through her website, Goodreads, Facebook, or Twitter.

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