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How the Deep South Shaped Deborah Epperson's Writing Journey

Deborah Epperson 
by Deborah Epperson

Raised in the Deep South, I grew up during the era of the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam. Although I’d always liked books, it was my high school honor’s English teacher, Miss Cashen, who showed me the power of written words. Also, I was encouraged by my mother, who loved to read. My mother was the polar opposite of Helen. She was loving, kind, and supportive. In fact, my book is dedicated to her. I had a wonderful extended family also.

The original title of the book was Easy Pickin’s, but I found out there were several books with that title, so it was changed to TWIG. When I decided to publish it as an ebook, I discovered there was a children’s book by that name and definitely didn’t want any confusion, as my book is certainly not for children. I made a list of possible names and Breaking TWIG seemed to say the most about the storyline in the fewest words.

Breaking Twig by Deborah Epperson
In college, I majored in biology and English. I’ve always been interested in the issue of heredity verses environment, and which one has the most influence on a child. At times, Becky (Twig) worries that she has inherited her mother’s “picker” ways and her gene for chicanery, but she also thinks having one person who loves and believes in you is all a person needs to keep hope alive. I want readers of Breaking Twig to think about how love or the lack of love influences a child’s development into an adult.

I’m often asked questions about the societal twists and the use of racially-charged words that are not politically correct in today’s society. These terms were typical of the language used in the Deep South in this time-frame when traditions like segregation were colliding with Civil Rights, integration, and Vietnam. Although I strive to be sensitive of the nature of these words, I feel my job as a writer is to be true to my characters in all their glory, their shortcomings, and their bias. 
My goal in writing is to tell a good story, one that shows my truth, that nobody is perfect, life is messy, and we all fail more often than we’d care to admit. But with faith, love, and perseverance, we can find the strength to continue toward our own truth with a bit more forgiveness and understanding for others and for ourselves. This is easier to do (I think) if you have a good dog by your side.

Breaking Twig on Audible
The audiobook for Breaking TWIG was recently published, and I’m now working on a romance-suspense set in Louisiana in early 1970’s.  After it’s completed, I’m planning a sequel to Breaking TWIG, as so many readers have asked me to continue Becky’s story. 

When not writing, I’m busy working as a Pet-Partner with my BFF golden retriever, and enjoying life with my family in the beautiful mountains of Montana. 

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