Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The New Adult Challenge

The New Adult Challenge
by Jennifer Probst

New York Best Selling Author Jennifer Probst
The genre of new adult fiction has solidified with readers as an exciting way to experience the passion of a younger type of romance. There is something about connecting with our younger selves and delving into various levels of emotions the early twenties bestows.

If I close my eyes, I see that young girl. Passionate. Immortal. Ready to dive into new experiences, yet so fearful of leaving my security of my family and friends I grew up with.  When I loved a boy, I loved with every pore of my skin and beat of my heart. The world was vivid and bright, full of pain and intensity around every corner.

It was also a time when I struggled to find my identity. Finishing up college and looking toward the future for a career that would satisfy me, yet pay my bills.

So, when I wrote Beyond Me and Chasing Me, my first venture into new adult, I needed to go back to that girl I was so I could connect with those type of feelings. As we age, we distance ourselves a bit. We fall back into roles. The world shifts from blinding color to grey patches and the occasional neon 3d image. We look at things so differently, but in order to write Quinn and James to the extent they deserved, I needed to shift back and let myself go free.

Damn. What a ride.

Chasing Me
A writer needs to bring a full range of emotion to a story in order to keep the reader engaged. With Chasing Me, Quinn and James were together, but their story was just beginning. A new relationship hits so many hurdles. Parents who disapprove of the relationship, temptations of other people, job stress, financial difficulties, the list keeps going on. Even more important, when I was younger, I realized I was my own worst enemy. I questioned and doubted my gut, just like James does throughout the book.

But at the core of the book is still a love story. Quinn and James are passionately in love, but will they be strong enough to go forward with all the obstacles of real life in their way, now that their idyllic spring break vacation is over?

That is the crux of the book. Exploration. Emotion. Conflict. It’s what makes a reader flip the pages, a careful balance of fact and fiction, pulled from the recesses of a writer’s mind.

Each story I write is a new challenge I take seriously. Writers need to grow and change. Sometimes we will fail, but with each failure, we hope we learned enough to make our next piece of work extraordinary.

I stretched myself with Chasing Me, and created a story I’m proud to share.

I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it!

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