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Second Chances and More by Author Terry Odell

Author Terry Odell 
Years ago, I became the first outside-contracted author for The Wild Rose Press, and ended up having six stories published through them. This was back when there were no Kindles, no Nooks, and where e-books were sold via the publisher's website. Back when people didn't think e-books were "real" books.

Once I moved into writing novels, I'd discovered romantic suspense, which became my genre of choice. However, I left those stories with The Wild Rose Press, and they sat there, earning a few bucks in royalties over the years.

But with indie publishing so prominent now, I decided I'd see whether these stories would make it in today's market. I requested the rights back, and when they reverted to me, I decided that they could be combined into a single volume (which is about 85 pages long, about the length of a single novella) and offer them to people who like contemporary romance.

So, with no fanfare, no hoopla, no huge release party, I'm simply announcing that my five stories, are now bundled into a volume entitled "Second Chance Rose and Other Stories". Buy links are here.

Second Chance Rose and other stories
More about the collection:

Whether it's first love, or love revisited, there's a story in this collection of short works to warm your heart.

Hurricane Breeze
Carter Worthington the fourth is the kind of man whose schedule is laid out in fifteen minute increments, while Tiffany wouldn’t know what to do with a day planner if she owned one.

When a hurricane blows Tiffany Breeze into Carter's sheltered universe, he must decide if he's willing to leave the emotional safety of his orderly existence to experience the highs, knowing he'll also have to face the lows.

Romancing the Geek
Stephanie's lifelong dream is to design toys—sweet, cuddly toys. Instead, she's hired as a glorified typist, forced to share an office with Brad, a geek, who's happy programming computer games full of explosions.

Ignoring each other is their solution to co-existence. But when Brad has girlfriend troubles, he swallows his pride and asks Stephanie if she'll teach him how to talk to women. She agrees, but he's having trouble passing her exams.

Amy’s ready for a weekend of solitude and pampering, but her plans turn to thoughts of a no-strings fling when she meets Greg.

Out of Sight
Sometimes being invisible is a good thing. Or is it? Alone with a captivating colleague, San­dra deals with the reality of her marriage and herself.

Second Chance Rose
Rose has had her chance at her one true love. Widowed, her home destroyed by a hurricane, she relocates across the country and discovers the special garden of the bedtime stories her mother told her as a child. When she meets Richard there, friendship blooms. But can there be second chances for true love?

***With minor modifications, these stories were previously published as stand-alone shorts by The Wild Rose Press

I'd love for you to help spread the word about Second Chance Rose. If it'll encourage you to give this book a try, I'll donate half my royalties between now and April 1st to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Some of you know my daughter was diagnosed with this disease last May, and there's no cure … yet. So, if you buy the book, you'll get to escape with five romance stories, and you'll be pitching in to help a good cause as well. 

I'm also giving away a $10 Starbucks giftcard. Contest Ends April 1st.

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