Friday, February 6, 2015

Welcome to the world of the New Jersey Ice Cats!

Welcome to the world of the New Jersey Ice Cats!
by Harlequin Author Anna Sugden

Harlequin Author Anna Sugden
As a reader, I love to know how books and stories are connected. So, I thought it might be fun to create a table of the players in my New Jersey Ice Cats series, to show what position they play and how they’re related.

Jake ‘Bad Boy’ Badoletti +
Dark hair, ice blue eyes
Maggie Goodman
A Perfect Distraction (Sept 2013)
Truman ‘Tru’ Jelinek ++
Dark hair, green eyes
Jenny Martin
A Perfect Trade  (July 2014)
Eisenhower ‘Ike’ Jelinek ++
Dark hair, green eyes
Tracy Hayden
A Perfect Catch   (Feb 2015)
Taylor ‘Mad Dog’ Madden +++
Dark hair, grey eyes
Lizzie Martin
A Perfect Party   (Nov 2014)*
Jean-Baptiste ‘JB’ Larocque +++
Dark hair, dark eyes
Isabelle Brandine
A Perfect Choice ** (early 2016)
Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mullroney
Dark hair, green eyes
Shayla Friel
A Perfect Lucky Charm*** (March 2015)
A Perfect Distraction
+ Jake grew up with Tru and Ike (and the other two Jelinek brothers,
A Perfect Trade
Kenny and Linc) and is as close to them as a brother.
++ Brothers
+++ Best Friends (along with Kenny Jelinek)

* A bite-size romance in the free anthology Tiny Treats: A Holiday Collection.

Soon to be a free download on my website.
** Working title - TBC
*** A bite-size romance in the Tiny Treats St Patrick’s Day Collection

Keep an eye out during 2015 as there will be other bite-size romances featuring Ice Cats players. There will also be news about more Ice Cats books and stories to come!

A Perfect Party in Tiny Treats: A Holiday Collection
Just Good Friends?
Ice Cats defenseman, Taylor ‘Mad Dog’ Madden wants more than friendship from Lizzie Martin. Much more. So when a Christmas party provides the chance to kick their relationship up a gear, should he take it or will he lose her completely?


  1. Congrats on the new release, Anna. I'll be looking at which NHL players have similar attributes.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jane! LOL That's your excuse for studying them closely! ;)