Sunday, February 15, 2015

If you love mysteries enjoy the Two Sisters and a Journalist series by Maddie Cochere

Murder Under Construction by Maddie Cochere
On a lovely spring day two years ago, I was waiting in my car for my sister to come out of her doctor’s office. At the time, I was writing what I thought would be the final book in the Susan Hunter series, Maple Leaf Hunter. I had no idea what I was going to write when the book was finished.

My sister was worried as I drove her to the surgeon’s office that day. To try to take her mind off the consultation, I jokingly told her I should write a series about two sisters who were weight conscious and solved crimes in their neighborhood. I’d pattern the two women after the two of us. We had a good laugh.

I couldn’t believe it when the characters and the story began forming in my mind while I waited for her. I scrambled for pen and notebook and began scribbling words. By the time her appointment ended, I had thirteen hundred words written of Murder Under Construction - Book One of the Two Sisters and a Journalist series.

I’ve been writing for three years now, and I’m still amazed at how ideas come so unexpectedly. I’m also amazed at how characters have a mind of their own and take my stories in directions I never intended. I’m always excited to sit down and write again, so I can find out where the story is going next.

I’m enjoying writing the Two Sisters and a Journalist series. Where Susan Hunter is beautiful, feminine, and fashion minded, Jo Ravens is more earthy and comfortable in her standard fare of jeans and t-shirt. Also unlike Susan, Jo is not a crier, men don’t swoon over her, and she doesn’t always act very lady-like. I promote the books as humorous mysteries.

In Murder Under Construction, Jo is thirty-two, divorced, and stuck in a rut. She wants a new career, and she wants to lose the sixty pounds she packed on after her divorce. Her knack for finding dead bodies points her in the right direction for a career change. Her sister’s exuberance for weight loss gimmicks enables both of them to try new, creative ways to shed pounds. When Jo crashes her nephew’s bicycle on a murdered girl at a construction site, her sister Pepper and journalist friend Jackie assist in helping to find the girl’s killer.

The second book, Murder is Where the Heart Is, was recently released on the same day as book number three, Murder Welcomes You to Buxley, and book number seven in the Susan Hunter series, Buckeye Hunter.

Murder Welcomes You to Buxley is a parallel story to Buckeye Hunter. In the books, I fulfilled a dream of having my main characters meet when Susan travels to Jo’s hometown of Buxley, Ohio to assist in the opening a Slimmers Weight Loss center.

If you like mysteries and humor, I hope you’ll try my new series. If you do, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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