Friday, February 27, 2015

Connecting With Readers on Blogtalk Radio

Connecting with Readers 
by Ellen Swenson, writing as Danielle Bova
Like many independent authors, I’m in the trenches.

Writers know that the creative process can go from exhilarating and dreamlike to nightmarish and feeling like you’re going to bleed. Sometimes these opposites occur on the same day, or even in the same hour. You work all day, and then pick each sentence apart. You put the same sentences back together again, (maybe the same way they were written the first time). You tell your significant other that you’re going to give up. They talk you down from the ledge, and tell you to get back to work already.

People you trust also read your work. Sometimes you find out who can be trusted when you ask for feedback and are flicked away like lint, but that’s another story. We need to treat such episodes as feedback of a sort. Each experience, good or bad, can be treated as feedback, not failure. Just keep going.

Tears of Paradox
You find a writer’s group that’s a good fit for you, and bounce ideas off of the members. (H/T Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance). You reciprocate by giving them feedback when asked. Your creation is close to your heart. Your characters seem like your children--even the evil characters. The world they inhabit seems real to you. You’ve found a wonderful artist to design the perfect cover for your book.

Finally, after numerous rewrites and editorial decisions, your book, an incredible achievement, has been published. Hooray!

Now it’s time to get into the trenches. In addition to writing your next book, you have the monumental task of connecting with your audience. That’s where I am.

Book two of my series has just been published. I am extremely proud of my achievement. So are my family and friends, who buy and read my books. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t know I’m here. This is a problem. How can I connect with my audience? The books won’t market themselves. I have to market them. It’s almost a full time job, but a very necessary part of gaining a following.

I’m far from an expert. I usually learn by trial and error, but I do have one tip for others who may be in the same boat. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already discovered Storyfinds, a wonderful resource for independent authors. You probably have your own website, too.

However, there’s another venue available.  In addition to maintaining a great website and blog, and joining Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, look into appearing on a web based radio program. It’s a great way to gain exposure.

The Notice
I found just such a platform on Blogtalk Radio. I appeared on the Writestream Radio Network, founded by Daria DiGiovanni. Daria’s entire network is filled with informative shows. One of my favorites is Writestream Tuesday, where Daria interviews authors about their books and their message. Each interview is inspiring, and I usually buy the books if I like the genre. Following is Daria’s write-up for my recent appearance on her show, where we spoke about my latest book, “The Notice.” 

Since my initial appearance last summer, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a panel on Writestream Tuesday’s monthly “Shatter The Narrative” show with other authors and aspiring authors. Each appearance on Blogtalk Radio has spread my message to people who otherwise would be unaware of my existence. The shows are archived, and each can be accessed through my website. Opportunities to appear on other radio shows may present themselves after you take the initial plunge, so don’t hesitate!

If you’ve written a great book and you’re looking to get noticed, contact the Writestream Radio network. You’ll never regret it.

For more information please check out Danielle's website

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