Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Author Rod Pennington picks three winners who will be named in his book

StoryFinds in conjunction with author Rod Pennington created a unique contest in which entrants could have their name in one of Pennington's books. The results were great. 

Congratulations! You entered the contest to have your name in my next book and you were selected.

Grand Prize

Jim Notto. You will be the “Handler” for one of the lead characters and play a recurring role in future books.

Second Place

Dara Bowers. You will be “Gabe Indweller’s” estranged step-sister and will make cameo appearances in future books 

Third Place

Lynne Neidenbach. You will be the jaw-dropping Emergency Room Receptionist who gets courted and spends the night with one of the lead characters. If this is too bawdy for you, let me know and I’ll find a different role for you. Below is her scene:

Charlie was putting the time to good use. Between updating the Novem on the events of the evening, the cute twenty-something at the reception desk had beeped on his radar. Once, Charlie heard that Wilt Chamberlin bragged about having sex with 20,000 different women in his lifetime. He thought that was a record well worth trying to break and he spent every free moment in the effort.
“This one has real potential,” Charlie said as held up his smart phone for me to look at. It was the Facebook page of the receptionist. “Single, in an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship, she’s really proud of her body and…”
“Hold on?” I said as I cut across him. “How can you tell she’s proud of her body from a single photo of some social media page?”
“Rookie,” Charlie answered with a snort. He turned his phone around and rapidly swept his fingers across the screen. “Look at these pictures.”
Charlie tossed me his phone and I scrolled through a collection of ‘Selfies’ she had taken and posted.  They were all of her smiling broadly for the camera. Other than minor hair style changes and different wardrobes they all looked the same to me. “So?”  
“Ah, Grasshopper, you have so much to learn.” He took his phone back and held it out in front of himself. “Usually when someone takes a Selfie they hold their phone camera at arm’s length and eye level. She holds her camera above her head and…” He turned his camera back around for me to see an example.
I burst out laughing. “Only a hound like you would notice that.” The receptionist was voluptuous with a solid ‘C’ cup bordering on a ‘D’. She also had youth on her side and gravity hadn’t started to take a toll. I took the phone back and scrolled through the pictures again with fresh eyes. In the dead center of every frame was not her face but her cleavage.
“It pays to advertise,” Charlie said as he reclaimed his smart phone. “You need me anymore tonight?”
I shook my head.
“Excellent.” Charlie’s eyes locked on the receptionist who quickly averted her eyes and sub-consciously touched her hair. A huge smile broke across Charlie’s face as he headed in her direction.

Each of these entrants also received a FREE copy of one of Rod's books.

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