Monday, March 31, 2014

Bliss (Titan Series #1) by Renee Field- Review by Julie

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Bliss (Titan Series #1) by Renee Field is a 2014 independent publication.  I was
provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. (Via the author
and StoryFinds and Netgalley). 
Kassandra frees Darius from the book he has been trapped inside of for the past decade.  It's a mystery to Darius how this human managed that, but now that he is free, he must return to his kingdom to find a way to save his people from a terrible plague.  His mother and twin brother is inflicted with the disease and he must find the cure soon.  But of course there are many obstacles blocking him from getting home and saving his kingdom.  Kassandra, the sassy human that has him all tied up in knots, is a huge help to him with her ability to speak the old Greek language among other rather unusual gifts for a human to have.   As attracted as they are to one another, Darius knows nothing could ever come of it because it is against the law in his world to become involved with humans. Kassandra will find herself in a life or death situation—literally, when it finally dawns on her what Darius really is...a Titan. Kassandra was told stories about these mythical creatures by her father and she is quite knowledgeable about all the legends, knowledgeable to figure out Darius in not a human and that somehow she has managed to get herself involved in his personal dramas, and she has also managed to begin caring about him.  This is what eventually leads her to that life and death situation.  When Darius almost dies, it's Kassandra that gets him the help he needs, but she will pay a very heavy price for saving his life. 
This book has a little of everything fantastical.  Mermen, mythology, sirens, and tons of undersea dramas.  It seems that women suffer the same from men no matter where they are from and Kassandra will be shocked to learn she will be bonded to Darius for centuries.  She will become his life mate and will have to make the choice of being a mother of children or not when he fails to prevent her from becoming pregnant. It seems Kassandra didn't have much of a say in any of these events. These changes are more than Kassandra can manage to cope with on top of being in danger of acquiring a deadly disease and dealing with the controlling and demanding, and very possessive Darius.  (He's really a sweetie, he just isn't too good with women when it comes to certain things) I have not read many novels with this sort of paranormal theme.  Mostly, I read the shifter/vampire type paranormal romance, so I have no idea what the norm is when it comes to Sirens and Mermen and under water kingdoms.  I do know that I found myself engrossed in all the drama, the humor, and I loved the light hearted ending to the story.  The author has a great imagination and adds so many little details that I could actually visualize everything in the lush underwater kingdom.  All of the secondary characters were well developed and I hope to see them in future installments.  This was a really fun read and I so enjoyed the escape from reality for awhile.   I will want to read the next one in the series which will be Seth and Jamie's story. Over this one gets an A.
(4 stars)