Friday, August 15, 2014

Why did I start Romance Me! Radio?

by L.C. Giroux

My sister would tell you it is just one more step in my plan for world media domination. But no, that wasnt actually it. Romance Me! Radio started as a podcast about romance where I planned to talk about new romance book releases but also ways to incorporate more romance into our real lives. Book boyfriends will only get you so far. It has evolved after too many conversations that began with My audiobook is out! Now how do I promote it?

If you look around there is no really good way to promote audiobooks. Listeners of audiobooks certainly read the amazon reviews that are included on but an audiobook has added elements that you wont hear about in an e-book review, the narrators voice being the biggest but not the only one. Production quality comes up, even how a book translates to audio is a factor. Excess dialogue tags can be deadly in audio.

With Romance Me! Radio, I hope to fill the gaps. Listeners of audiobooks may well read reviews but we already know that they like to hear their content. A podcast is the perfect medium to reach them. Podcasts are available on all the devices they already listen to their books on and can be enjoyed while they are doing all the things they do while they listen to their books. Podcasts are free and format agnostic (they dont care where you buy your books)

In trying to explain my idea to my scientist husband the best analogy I came up with was early MTV. You know, before it was nothing but reality shows. In the early days, the record companies created videos as promo tools. Mostly they just sat there never used. MTV came along and said we can take those and build a cable channel around them. Everyone thought they were nuts until The Police and Michael Jackson, along with a slew of other artists, had some of the biggest albums of their careers based on the popularity of their videos. Im hoping Romance Me! Radio can do that for romance audiobook authors.

Currently I am featuring audiobooks from authors who are working with After August is over, I will kick off September with week long intensives with a new author featured each week. For this period I will have an interview with the author, a first chapter excerpt, and possibly an interview with the narrator of some of that authors books. The goal is eventually to have a half hour weekly podcast where listeners can hear more about all the different aspects of the books they love.

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