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Pitching Your Book to Producers - Anyone?

Help I’m pitching to Producers!

by Renee Field, Founder, StoryFinds

Okay I just had to write that because it sounds cool and it’s actually true. I’ve been very fortunate to have some heart-to-heart conversations with one of my local provincial agencies who has a new mandate to converge the literary, film and music industries. And because I can be outspoken and tell it like it is, I politely pointed out that these three industries DO NOT talk to each other. No idea why? It could be that we’re each heads-down in our own little world and fail to make the effort, but it’s also the sad truth that it’s hard for writers to even find local producers.

Nova Scotia might be a small Canadian province but talk about star power – think Trailer Park Boys, who are once again gearing up to start filming in the province. Think Haven, set on the beautiful South Shore and a show I will readily admit to LOVING and then think of the wonderful Ellen Page, who grew up in my city of Halifax.

So what do I suggest? Let me touch base with some authors I know who are ready to pitch, and you provide the producers. Well, it’s now ballooned into an author/producer workshop with the talented Jan Miller, who has a track record I’m in awe of and at the end of this month 10 local authors are pitching their books/series to 5 producers. Miller is an international consultant for CMPA, specializing in film and television co-production and co-venturing. She also continues to present one of the top Pitching & Concept Development Workshops in the world including Havana, Poland’s ScriptEast, Cartagena, Berlin’s Talent Campus & Cannes. 

Can I just insert here how nervous I am but also how excited I am to be able to make this event a reality. I also like to view this as a first step.

So after getting all the other authors pitches ready and of course reading them, I thought, “OMG my pitch sucks”, but I sent it out there and now I’ve got to really nail it so I can make it sound viable and interesting. And guess what – my series is interesting and no matter what, for me, this is a learning experience.

I thought I’d share my pitch and what’s usually asked from an author. It might not look like a lot but trust me it was work to put it together. For those that don't know what a Log Line is - it's basically your elevator pitch.

Renee Field
Title: Siren’s Lure
Genre: Family
Log line: H2O meets Degrassi High, except the only person saving this small town is Gemini — a Goth teenager struggling with algebra and her newfound siren powers —  and who’d rather lust after the Captain of the Hockey Team then save her kingdom.
Siren’s Lure: First Test is a paranormal young adult novel and the first book in my new young adult family series. The book centers around Gemini, who must learn to adjust to grade 10. Besides facing her new academic challenges like algebra, she must mask her newfound appearance and take on the persona of a Goth—ensuring no one gets close to her and discovers her secret—she’s not human. That reality she learned hard over the past summer when two things changed her life and not for the better. First, she went into the sea, something her father had forbidden her to do, and transformed into a creature of myth—a Siren. Then because of that the two people who loved her more than life itself, her mom and dad, were kidnapped.
Now Gemini must learn to cope with her new Siren abilities, find a clue to where her parents have been taken while racing against the high tide to avoid the Guardians of the Seven Seas Council who want to kill her. She can’t trust anyone, especially not her biological Siren She-bitch mother who claims she wants Gemini to reclaim her rightful place as Princess. To top that off, if she doesn’t past her algebra test she’s going to fail and be sent to the nerd class.
She might be all Goth-like, but Gemini knows the only way she’ll escape this small town with its high school drama queens, overzealous testosterone filled hockey players and the undersea demons chasing her is discovering the truth— freeing her parents and passing all these life or death tests. After all, in her new reality, failure doesn’t mean F, it means death.

Writer credentials:
Renee Field has written 15 romance novels. She also uses the pen name Renee Pace as a young adult writer who has written four young adult novels. Field founded in 2011 – a site geared to promote Indie authors and today has a mailing list of over 5,000 and a daily reach of 160,000 through social media. Field’s first paranormal romance novel, Rapture, won an EPPIE award for Best Electronic Paranormal/Fantasy Romance. Her first young adult novel, Off Leash, was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Novel Breakthrough Contest.

I'd love to hear what you think. Any pitching advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. LOVE the concept, Renee! Other than a couple of typos ("then" in the last sentence of your logline should be "than", and "past" at the end of the second paragraph of your blurb should be "pass", I think it just needs to be tightened up a bit. I know how painful it is for writers to be concise. That's why we write novels, LOL. We should never have to write our own blurbs! With pitching, however, shorter is better. You do a great job of hitting the voice of Gemini and the tone of the story. It sounds like it's going to be a great series! Best of luck, sweetie:-)