Wednesday, May 21, 2014


by M.O. Kenya

Let’s start with a little bit of history… Interracial relationships occur when two people of different races are in a relationship. This is a form of exogamy, when someone enters a relationship outside of their social group. Years ago, anti-miscegenation laws forced racial segregation and intimate relationships between two people of different races were illegal. In 1967 this law was abolished in the United States, after the second World War other nations repealed the anti-miscegenation laws. In recent times there have been an escalating number of interracial relationships, showing how far people have come. There are close to two million interracial marriages in the United States and the United Kingdom.

A great number of authors have fallen in love with the interracial genre. The African American genre has yet to see the large presence that the Caucasians have, in TV, movies and books. An example is the Bachelor and Bachelorette series has been accused of being an all white program. They have yet to have a Bachelor/ette that isn’t white.

The purpose of this blog is to promote the interracial romance genre and the authors, in the literary world. Some publishers do not have an IR genre in there line. Because of this they lock out a large number of authors and readers. I’m not saying that all publishers should have an IR line, but my question is why don’t they? In these modern times I don’t think there should be that boundary or line where colours are not meant to mix. As a black author, I write whatever stories that come to mind, different races and species. Yes, sure there is still segregation in this world. But imagine if there were more books, movies tv series with a more diverse cast. One thing that I will always love about Shonda Rhimes is the diversity she has in her shows. Yes, she does kill off our favourite character at the end of each season, but there is a balance in her shows that invites and appeals to all audiences.

RACIALICIOUS is the new term to describe the intersection of race and pop culture. This is according to the website RACIALICIOUS that focuses on Race, Culture and Identity in the Color-struck world. The pop culture especially when it comes to visual media, TV and movies has a large impact on the opinions that their audiences have. People’s opinions on race are at times a reflection on what we see on the media. In recent movies and TV shows and movies interracial relationships have become popular, Joyful Noise, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. Celebrities such as  Kim and Kanye, Rutina Wesley and James Fishel are examples of interracial romance taking over the world of entertainment.

So guys les be Racialicious and embrace diversity in the literary world.

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